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Practice of Forgiveness
Aug. 27, 2014

Labor Day weekend is here. Regardless of what job you do or where you do it, a key contributor to making a job a “good job” is the people with whom you work–colleagues, suppliers, customers, et al. If you enjoy the people, chances are you enjoy the job.

My “best fit” job is a job where I can be myself–that is, a place where I can be authentic and genuine, not having to be someone different or set aside...

work, forgiveness
Personal Growth
Aug. 21, 2014

When they enter my classroom, families and visitors will be greeted with a sign asking them to bring only love and compassion in and leave judgment at the door.

In search of…myself

I had no idea I would set out on this new adventure—a solo retreat meant to support me as a teacher—as a confident, energetic, task-driven preschool director and return having...

teaching, renewal, retreats, contemplative practice
Aug. 13, 2014

You are special, talented and loved—believe that.   --Peace During War

This summer the city of Kalamazoo, where the Fetzer Institute is located, has seen its share of youth violence, much of it with guns and too much of it tragic and fatal. There is no comfort in...

youth violence, community dialogue, peacemaking