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Fetzer Advisory Councils

With the assistance of our 16 advisory councils, we seek to foster an even greater awareness of love and forgiveness in action in individual and community life.

  • Efforts: We conduct research and create programs that foster awareness of the power that love and forgiveness can have in our lives and in our world.
  • Approach: We are a learning organization; our approach is exploratory, rigorous, and interactive. We inquire, convene, and encourage authentic engagement and deep contemplation, both personally and collectively.
  • Structure: Advisory councils, comprised of international experts in their fields, are essential to our investigating and understanding the motivations and preconditions necessary for love and forgiveness.
  • Impact: Our work elevates the transformative power of love and forgiveness in private and public life. Positive change can occur when we connect our inner and outer lives to embody love and forgiveness.

Another primary focus for advisory councils has been the creation and delivery of call statements to their respective fields, seeking to enlist other leaders in identifying and celebrating outstanding examples of love and forgiveness in action. This video , created for a Global Gathering in Assisi, Italy, in September 2012, shows members of the advisory councils delivering that call. Learn more about the Global Gathering here.